Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Chicks Hatching

Yesterday I mentioned the Youth group I spoke at in Belfast. It is led by Dave ‘Clapton’ Whitcroft an incredible guitarist and singer as well as Youth leader. In trying to encourage some of the young people to help out with the Youth Club I got them to think of a chick hatching from its egg. The chick starts off very small within the egg but as it starts to feed on the yoke it gets bigger and bigger. Eventually it becomes too big for the egg and starts to break out. As Christians having the Holy Spirit within us, we have if you like, Christ’s D.N.A. within us. As we feed on his word and walk with Him we start to grow and in the process he begins to prepare us the ministry and service he wants us to do. However, he has given us free will and we sometimes disobey him and don’t budge being quite content to stay as we are. He wants us to break out of our ‘comfort zone’ but we are too frightened or sometimes just can’t be bothered. Sadly some Christians have never broken out of their comfort zone and are still in the egg!
As seen in the video it is hard work to break out. But listen how the children cheer and squeal with delight when the chick does manage it. All heaven waits for you to break through! When you feel the Spirit moving you and challenging you: go out in faith and take a risk. You never know he might even teach you how to fly!


Anonymous said...

I found the "Hatching Chicks" specifically rewarding as I saw God's handy work unfold in front of my eyes. Re the blog and specifically the latter bit about being filled by the Holy Spirit and "comfort zone" etc. In my humble experience I feel alot of people wait until they think they have a good reason to start praising God or something good happens in their lives before they enter "into the spirit of things" figuratively speaking of course. Surely we should be living each moment of our lives as if we are going to die and go to Heaven. If we did that there would be no comfort zone for any of us Christians because we'd be reading the Bible non stop, praising God 24/7 and spreading the Word every time we opened our mouths in every land. - Does anyone you know do that? I know I don't but I pray that some day I will and the sooner the better. Answers on a post card please!!!

Andrew Kenny said...

Thanks for your comments 'B devoted'. How did you come across the blog in the first place and where are you from?

John Wesley whom I mention from time to time was once asked what he would do differently if he knew he was going to die the next day.
He replied that he would carry out what he had already planned to do!
He was therefore as you said'living each moment in the light of eternity.'

Check out the Keith Green videos on You tube and the lyrics linked with this blog.I hope you like them.

Anonymous said...

I have posted futher comments on a prevous post by yourself. Thanks