Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Larry Norman and the Jesus Movement

Larry Norman the prophet and evangelist of what was known as the Jesus People died in February this year.His father was a cross- cultural missionary and Larry too was certainly a missionary to his own generation and became fully 'incarnated' within it.What better way could he reach them? I'm sure the Christian mothers and fathers of his generation thought he was too much of a hippy and not enough of being a nice church going boy to be an evangelist- but he was reaching the hippy generation in a way that others didn't. I remember hearing him in Belfast around 1974/75, but was ticked off by the leader of the fellowship group I belonged to.I'm still glad I went to hear him!
Check out
his classic 'I wish they'd all been ready'.


Anonymous said...

It was real, it was rebelious, it related to youth,it wasn't self seeking - not caring about prosperity,it was social action,
it was "sound", it was stickers
on the school corridors - smile Jesus loves you. (: It was The Jesus Movement.
An aging Jesus Freak!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good POst may larry rest in peace

Anonymous said...

Good memories.

Anonymous said...

I loved Larry's music and word imagery.Yet after his death I hear of his feet of clay.A love child in Australia and doing naughty things with the then Mrs Randy Stonehill have disillusioned me a little.Larry it turns out was as broken as the rest of us.

Andrew Kenny said...

Anonymous- I didn't realize that. I've since looked up the net and found several references about it. How sad it is and a warning to us all that if we think we stand we could be in for a fall if we are not careful!