Tuesday, 8 July 2008

'The Outlaw' by Larry Norman

Some say He was an outlaw that He roamed across the land
with a band of unschooled ruffians and a few old fishermen
no one knew just where He came from or exactly what He'd done
but they said it must be something bad that kept Him on the run

Some day He was a poet that He'd stand upon the hill
and His voice could calm an angry crowd or make the waves stand still
that He spoke in many parables that few could understand
but the people sat for hours just to listen to that man

Some say He was a sorceror a man of mystery
He could walk upon the water He could make a blind man see
that He conjured wine at weddings and did tricks with fish and bread
that He talked of being born again and raised people from the dead

Some say a politician who spoke of being free
He was followed by the masses on the shores of galilee
He spoke out against corruption and He bowed to no decree
and they feared His strength and power so they nailed Him to a tree

Some say He was the Son of God a man above all men
but He came to be a servant and to set us free from sin
and that's who i believe He was 'cause that's who i believe
and i think we should get ready 'cause it's time for us to leave


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favourites-thanks.
May he rest in peace

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Anonymous said...

Larry Norman was one of the first Christian Rockers on the scene in the late 1960's. For a few years he endured a lot of ridicule by people who didn't understand that God can work through just about any music medium. Some of the trials that he went through come out in his songs.
For people my age and perhaps those a bit older, Larry's music was a welcome sound. We didn't want to listen to the hedonistic rock music but we weren't too fond of the older hymns either. Larry's music filled the gap and allowed us to sing about Jesus and even sound hip at the same time.

And let's not forget to give thanks to our Lord Jesus who worked in such a mighty way through Larry and his contemporaries. Through their music many came to faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks Larry, and of course, Thank You Jesus!!!

Jesus Person

Anonymous said...

Gospel songs to me are about the mansion in the sky, and washed in the blood of Christ's crimson blood, songs that are filled with biblical wording that's no longer understood by a lot of people.

I feel that Christian music is a subculture directed towards the Christians. It's not really being exposed to non-Christians and it's not really created for non-Christians, so non-Christians almost never hear any of this music.

I know I stand visibly onstage, but my function is still unseen, because I rarely see the immediate results of what I am saying or doing or writing.

I want to encourage other people to try to discover who they are, not to try to fit into some superficial prototype of what they think a Christian should be, but to discover who they really are.

I'm fishing for men with a certain kind of bait, and the bait that I am offering is not a candy; it's a very specific thing that I'm offering, which is a deep gospel and a deep conversion.

I'm only here on Earth to serve God. I never had a career. I don't care about commercialism. I have a ministry and I'll fight for the ministry.

Jesus got me through the slums without getting murdered. I just walked with him as though he were really there and not a spirit just floating around.

Life is God's art.

Only in a concert situation do I have access to people directly to preach to them, and I don't believe that the bigger your platform is, the more people will pay attention.

We need worship for our spirit, fellowship for our soul and committed subservience for our body.

Larry Norman

Anonymous said...

Great song


Anonymous said...

Cool song ,I like it.

Andrew Kenny said...

Did anyone notice that the speaker before the larry Norman song was Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church Seattle? At frst I assumed it was Larry then I recognised the voice.