Monday, 4 June 2007


Gordon Campbell a former student in my evangelism class at the Belfast Bible College has just returned from Burkina Faso after helping out with a well drilling project . Gordon wrote me: 'the temperatures were very high, reaching on one day up to 67 Celsius/centigrade. Incredible but true! The work was hard in such extreme conditions but God still used us to find 4 good wells, 3 in local villages were the Christian influence is limited and 1 in a Christian girls school. All the dust, dirt, heat, dehydration means nothing when the water comes up from the ground - truly its a blessing to see it happen.'
This is surely one of the marks of authentic mission. It is truly an amazing blessing to the people there, being almost the equivalent to Jesus feeding the five thousand. In fact it is probably greater in that it will last for many years to come whereas the bread and fish was just one meal!Jesus said: 'greater works will I do because I go to the Father'.What a great opportunity those who follow Christ in that area now have to share the good news of Christ's love. For these 'buckets'(see picture) of cold water: May he and his fellow servants of God in no wise lose their reward.
' If any man thirst, let him com on to me and drink'.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your email and the interesting account of the volunteer work being done to try and find water for the people of Burkina Faso.
With all the rain we have had this week it is hard to realise there are countries
where they have to try and find water.
Best wishes
Raymond and Ella.

Anonymous said...

Liked the post.