Monday, 24 December 2007

The Rebel's Guide to Joy - Charles Wesley

Enjoy this video about Charles Wesley the author of the great Christmas hymn:
'Hark the herald angels sing
Glory to the new born king'.

Below are the words of another hymn mentioned in the video and was also one of the first hymns he penned after his 'assurance of faith'.

Note in this hymn that he is not merely content to sit and muse on his own deliverance, rather, he calls and invites all others to share the blessing he's received.

Says Jesus:'Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men'.Charles Wesley and his brother John were to become such 'fishers' and are numbered among the greatest of them.

1 WHERE shall my wondering soul begin?
How shall I all to heaven aspire?
A slave redeemed from death and sin,
A brand plucked from eternal fire,
How shall I equal triumphs raise,
Or sing my great Deliverer's praise?

2 O how shall I the goodness tell,
Father, which thou to me hast showed?
That I, a child of wrath and hell,
I should be called a child of God,
Should know, should feel my sins forgiven,
Blest with this antepast of heaven!

3 And shall I slight my Father's love?
Or basely fear his gifts to own?
Unmindful of his favours prove?
Shall I, the hallowed cross to shun,
Refuse his righteousness to impart,
By hiding it within my heart?

4 No! though the ancient dragon rage,
And call forth all his host to war,
Though earth's self-righteous sons engage
Them and their god alike I dare;
Jesus, the sinner's friend, proclaim;
Jesus, to sinners still the same.

5 Outcasts of men, to you I call,
Harlots, and publicans, and thieves!
He spreads his arms to embrace you all;
Sinners alone his grace receives;
No need of him the righteous have;
He came the lost to seek and save.

6 Come, O my guilty brethren, come,
Groaning beneath your load of sin,
His bleeding heart shall make you room,
His open side shall take you in;
He calls you now, invites you home;
Come, O my guilty brethren, come!

7 For you the purple current flowed
In pardons from his wounded side,
Languished for you the eternal God,
For you the Prince of glory died:
Believe, and all your sin's forgiven;
Only believe, and yours is heaven

It is hard to read such words and not feel the passion of this great evangelist.
If you would like to read more, click the 'Wesley Fellowship' link on my fav Websites and you can download any or all of his great hymns and messages.


Anonymous said...

Here is another Wesley Hymn you may enjoy.

A charge to keep I have,
a God to glorify,
a never-dying soul to save,
and fit it for the sky.

To serve the present age,
my calling to fulfill;
O may it all my powers engage
to do my Master's will!

Arm me with jealous care,
as in thy sight to live,
and oh, thy servant, Lord,
prepare a strict account to give!

Help me to watch and pray,
and on thyself rely,
assured, if I my trust betray,
I shall forever die.

Anonymous said...

Those verses ar the the greatest I've read.