Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Dancing With Jesus skit

My good friend Geoff from Liverpool told me about this skit. I hope you enjoy it.Without words it says more than most 40 minute sermons.


Anonymous said...

Dancing With Jesus
Have you ever felt like this in your life? One minute you are dancing with Jesus, the next thing you know you are fighting with everything you have to find your way back to Jesus. I know that in my own life, I have.

What touched me in this video, is how Jesus just loves being with us, providing our needs. He loves experiencing life with us, the harmony we feel when we let Jesus lead, and we follow. Jesus loves you just the way you are, you need not try to be anything that you are not, or do anything to impress Him, Jesus just loves you the way you are right now.

But, our enemy is there, satan does not want you to dance with Jesus. satan will put temptations in your life that will draw your attention away from Jesus. Everyone has a different weakness, for some it may be relationships, for some it may be money, or drugs and alcohol. satan wants you to be something or someone you are not, just opposite to what your Jesus teaches.

satan wants to keep your focus on earthly things and not Jesus. If you notice in the skit (or maybe your life) Jesus never backs off or leaves you, the temptations and sin of your life build up a thick wall between you and Jesus, just the way satan wants it. The more of a wall that builds up, the more distance you feel from Jesus. Jesus is love, He loves you so much, there is no feeling in the world like feeling Jesus' love, no strings attached. So you may wake up one day and feel terrible, depressed, unloved..... just the way satan wants.

In your life nothing will ever satisfy you like Jesus will. You may try all these venues as the girl in the skit tried, but nothing will ever satisfy you like Jesus' love will. I do not know where you are in your life. Maybe you are dancing with Jesus, so may you help others learn how to dance.

Maybe you are stuck in one of satan's lies of life and you are feeling very empty and stuck in life. Know that Jesus has not left your side, life has pushed you away from Jesus. May you know that Jesus LOVES you and wants to dance with you again...... or maybe for the first time. There is nothing that Jesus has not done or will not do to be with you. All it takes is for you to go to your knees and call upon his name. Have a Blessed Week, and may your dance last you a lifetime. - Jim

Anonymous said...

So beautiful it made me cry.

Anonymous said...

very moving piece.