Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Rob Bell 'The Bullhorn Guy'| Preview

This is an introduction to The Bullhorn Guy No 8 of Rob Bell's Nooma series. The full version can be seen at www.pinpointevangelism.com/Bullhorn.htm. It seems to me that he deliberately uses an easy target, a poor example of what street evangelism can be( no resonance with the audience, untrendy guy, shouting,yelling etc), but in doing this, Mr Bell also rubbishes all street evangelism with the implication that those who do it just haven't 'got it'. They're not ‘cool' like Jesus who came to show love and who never condemned or judged anyone. That is despite the fact that he called on people to repent and believe his message, as well as talking about the H word more than anyone else!
Why does Rob do this? Is it just a reaction to against a Christianity that fails to portray the love of Christ or is it deeper? What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think this video is a fairly accurate portrayal of what most non-Christian and indeed some Christian people view street evangelism as. We would ddo well to remember that we are still stuck int he middle of this cultural and epochal shift from modernity to post-modernity, and it is a particularly vulnerable time for many people as they adjust to this change. WHilst this may not be Bell's best work it is important in my opinion to not rubbish his work entirely as he actually has a plethora of very good thoughts, perhaps he is asserting that this is not how evangelism on the street has to be seen, as opposed to asserting that this is the way that it is...? That's my tupence worth....

Great post, some thought prevoking stuff here.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with jonny - the video does represent the way many people actually think of street evangelism. To me probably one of the best way of sharing the Good News is out of the depths of already established friendship/relationship where the person is curious,open and asking questions about God. I have not really read Bell - he is on my ever growing list.


John Fitzsimmons. said...

Rob Bell does the same in 'rain' when he talks of 'the religious people'. He totally builds a straw man - I feel - so he has something to say. Seem's to be his way of doing things. Yes, he does ask some hard questions, but he also chooses to dodge the hards truths about God and eternity.

Also i've found that a lot of people who slag street evangelism 'per se' havn't got the balls or the love in their hearts to tell lost people about Jesus, ever.

Do we have enough time to build established friendships and relationships with EVERYONE who needs Jesus in the world? I agree with building relationships with people, but I can't possibly do it with everyone I meet. But I could gently tell many of them something about Jesus.

I read a great book once by a guy called Mark Stibbe. It's called 'The power is on the Streets'!

Take care

Andrew Kenny said...

Jonny,Rod and John thanks for your comments. One comment I would make is that the more I study mission and evangelism the more I believe that there are many ways of doing it because there are so many different types of people that need to be reached. As the verse by Paul in my setting states: ‘I have become all things to all men that I might win some’. John Fitz makes the point that he can’t spend forever with everyone in order to become their friend so he often as a necessity has a more direct approach.

For myself my approach is different for each type of people I have a relationship with. For those I have a long term relationship with I will be more patient in my approach. They will want to study me to see whether I walk the walk. Paul called us living epistles to be read by men. On the other hand with strangers I have found that most times if they are approached in a winsome manner will often appreciate our candour and feel free to respond in the same manner and often end up pouring out their troubles and problems.

Young people also don’t want to be preached at week after week but will respond to kindness and time spent with them. The Master himself used all methods. It was not one message fits all.

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Anonymous said...

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