Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A Meditation on ' This Day ' by John Wesley

I like this meditation which I took from Wesley's comments on the verse:'Give us THIS DAY our daily bread' found in his sermon on the Lord's prayer.His comments remind me also why I like such films as 'Dead Poet's Society' with the motif of 'Carpe Diem', of seizing the day, as well as other films such as the brilliant 'Ground Hog Day'.We must never forget that each day is so important. As we can only build a house one brick at a time,so we should also,as we are able, live each day to the full. And whether they together result in a life that is long or short, Paul reminds us that we are to do it on to Christ.

Christ wants daily communion with His children.The good news is that even if we make a mess of a day we can be restored and start afresh the next one.We must learn to keep short accounts with God.So if we have been missing out on fellowship with God,feeling estranged or depressed, we can go to Him now-He promises that those who come to Him, He will never cast out.

"This day:" -- For we are to take no thought for the morrow. For this very end has our wise Creator divided life into these little portions of time, so clearly separated from each other, that we might look on every day as a fresh gift of God, another life, which we may devote to his glory; and that every evening may be as the close of life, beyond which we are to see nothing but eternity.

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