Monday, 16 February 2009

Carlos and Michaela Lozano

Please pray for my very good friends Carlos and Michaela Lozano who are at present learning the Cambodian language before they go out to serve God in that very needy country.Carlos who is originally from Argentina, met his young wife to be, while serving on an O.M. ship. Michaela who is originally from Germany was brought up by her missionary parents in Japan. They have also both studied at the Belfast Bible College, each gaining a degree in Theology with Michaela taking on an extra year of study to do her Masters degree which she passed in June 08. They also were among the leaders in the Youth Outreach group with myself and others in Belfast, so their going is a great loss to us.

Carlos' many talents include being an excellent magician and being able to walk around on his hands for several minutes! He can also 'put his hand' to almost anything, whether electrical or mechanical, which will prove useful as a missionary. On the other hand, Michaela's gifts include working with children, as well as being a surperb linguist and dramatist.But more than that, they both have a heart of love for God and the lost, and it has been a joy spending time with them.

They will be sorely missed by all who know them in Ireland and we pray that God would protect them from harm and grant them much fruit for their labour in that country.
Carlos in Cambodia last year.

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Anonymous said...

They are saints: May God go with them.

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