Friday, 20 March 2009

Alistar McGrath on Dawkins,Creationism and Evolution

Some might be surprised to learn that Alister McGrath, one of the main adversaries of Richard Dawkins also believes in evolution.McGrath comes originally from Downpatrick and studied at the Methodist College in Belfast and Oxford University. It was at University that he became a Christian having thought through his atheist views and found then wanting. Watch him here as he appeared on the popular American T.V. show 'The Hour'.AK


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to believe in God and Evolution? I always thought you had to believe in one or ther other!

Anonymous said...

Is Alister McGrath a true evangelical if he believes in evolution. Has he not read his Bible that God created the world in 6 Days?

True Evangelical

Anonymous said...

what a refreshing voice amid all the conservative nonsense - good too to see some proper perspective on Bush and his rants - rants that have led to the deaths of many thousands. many thanks for that.