Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Do all good dogs go to heaven?

This morning I took my 13 year old soft coated wheaten terrier (terrorist) to the vet to have him put down. A sad day indeed for me and I could not believe how emotional I felt about my old dog when the vet gave him the fatal injection. But I knew his time had come and it was the humane thing for me to do.I felt a bit like the old man in the film called 'of mice and men' who in the end had to do the same with his canine friend. A few days ago Barney watched me dig him a grave in the garden in preparation for his final resting place.But as they say in the U.K. he had a good innings and I thank God for the enjoyment he brought to my family.I remember when I was about four years old and had found a dead chick outside my house. I ran in to tell my mum who understandably had more things to worry about than a dead sparrow chick. But I wanted the world to stop and mourn.It was only later when I started to read the Bible, when I was about 15, and read where it says along the lines: 'there isn't a sparrow that falls to the ground that your heavenly Father doesn't know about and how much more does he care for you'.He had shared that moment with me.
Wow. Though God doesn't always intervene the way we would like him to or perhaps expect- we can take it by faith that what he says is true and that he knows what is best no matter what happens.There are things such as life and death that are outside our control and which we must leave in his hands, and do what the wise man in Proverbs encourages us: 'trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding'
The great unwashed, uncombed, shaggy Barney after a walk in the woods.

Many thanks to Brenda and Cliff of 'Diary of a Wildlife photographer' http://inspirationalphotos.blogspot.com/ who was able to produce the following picture from one of the photographs my daughter took.You can also click their link on my favourite links. Their photographs are brilliant.


Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

When a creature of God that has grown into us spiritually like a grafting grows into and nurtures and is nurtured by the parent tree has to be cut off, it is a sad moment. This too is a mystery whose resolution remains hidden in the tender mercies of our God who, as you quoted from the precious Word, knows when even a sparrow chick falls.

God has brought us all together into some kind of strange and unearthly Kingdom where love is the only law, and where "all things bright and beautiful" reside, and where, as C.S. Lewis among others has mused, we may find more than we bargained for.

Animal immortality is the stuff of vain speculation, and it pales into insignificance beside the splendor of our merciful and good Lord, whose life gave us life, which we have passed on to others. That life has run over from your cup and all over your dear terrier. May his memory be eternal, dear brother, and may we all find those we loved here on earth when we reach the High Country, in the deep and inexpressible mercy of God. He is good, and the only lover of mankind, and of beasts too.

Andrew Kenny said...

Thanks for that my dear brother.

Randy Hurst said...

Hello Andrew. Our kind and wise brother Romanos, told me of your loss a few moments ago. There were many more horrible events in the world today, leaving many also grieving the loss of loved ones (ie shootings in New York State). I wish I could do something to add comfort to those poor survivors, but I have not been presented a similar opportunity. But for you, I have a shared grief and a shared comfort. Perhaps reading what I wrote a couple of years ago at the loss of one of my dearest friends might help you, too. I know the Lord is blessing your efforts in His Spirit...tarry on. http://togetheroneservant.blogspot.com/2007/02/reo-dandy-dane.html


Andrew Kenny said...

Randy, thanks for your message of sympathy. I read the post regarding the loss your own Great Dane. It was surely a great loss to you- it reminds us of the frailty of life and though there is surely a time to be born equally there is a time to die.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy to you,


Anonymous said...

Nice pics to remembe him by'

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I am truely sorry to hear of the sad loss of Barney - bit of a shock to me too - I know how much he meant to you and your family. On a lighter note I will never forget the evening sitting in your living room when all of a sudden he jumped up onto the outside window sill and scared the living daylights out of me - we can look back and laugh eh! Lyn and I often remember our two GSDs who have passed away in the last few years with joy and hope you do the same with Barney. Signed Anonymous only because I don't have a Google account. Your good friend and brother in Christ, Carey

Andrew Kenny said...

Thanks Carey for you comments.