Monday, 2 March 2009

COMING AND GOING: Spreading God's word in North Korea

I got this article sent from Open Doors which I hope you find interesting and hopefully wish to participate in. We are encouraged daily by Christ to pray: 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven', when you do this, please lift up the needy country of North Korea that God may open those gates that the King of glory may indeed come in. AK

Through the centuries, God has extended His message of Christ’s work on the cross reconciling sinful man with a holy God. At times the message has extended out to new people groups through such means as missionary work, exploration, and commerce. At other times He has brought people to the gospel message as they travel to foreign lands, study abroad, or seek employment. We see this powerful work of building His church in North Korea, both the coming and the going of the gospel.

Businessmen from the north and the south have the opportunity to interact with each other in an industrial zone between the two Koreas where they enjoy far greater freedom than other places in the north. Christian businessmen from the south do not leave their faith behind, but bring it with them thus allowing them to share the truth of God’s grace and reconciliation while working in North Korea. The elite living in North Korea also have unique opportunities for exposure to Christ through their access to international events and the news and media. Other elite North Koreans have enjoyed the rare opportunity to travel beyond the North Korean borders where again they can encounter the gospel message.

Although not the privileged or elite many North Koreans are drawn to risk everything they have to cross the border into China. God has on countless occasions used this means to bring North Korean people to China that they might hear His gospel from the Chinese Christians who care for them, body and soul.
And so, through all of the political striving of man, God continues to build His church in North Korea, both in the coming and going.
As you remember the people of North Korea this week, pray:

Pray that God’s church in North Korea will grow in power. Acts 16:5
Pray that God would override North Korean efforts to limit business travel in the industrial zone. Psalm 3:8
Pray for Christian businessmen from the south, and North Koreans who respond to the gospel in China, to have opportunities to proclaim the gospel in authority and power, without hindrance, in North Korea. Acts 19:20
Pray for the Chinese Christians who care for the refugees along the border to share the gospel boldly and with wisdom. Acts 13:48
Praying with you,
Irene and the Prayer Force Team


Jeremy Dowd said...

Thanks for this, Andrew. I've been praying from time to time for North Korea anyway, as I'm intrigued that such a closed country should have a neighbour (in fact a partitioned part of the same nation) so blessed by God and with so many committed believers. God surely has a mighty purpose for that part of the world!

Andrew Kenny said...

Thanks for that Jeremy. Check out the two videos at the top of my video links for the blog. One is on North Korea and the other about secret believers.