Thursday, 16 April 2009

Who will defend Brian McLaren?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this Reformed critique of Brian McLaren. Unfortunately in this discussion no one is here to defend him against these theological heavyweights -Any volunteers?

Or perhaps you agree with their assessment of postmodernism and the Emerging Church.State your case if you like.


Anonymous said...

I think Brian McLaren offers an interesting perspective on the meaning of the New Testament and Christianity in general, different from the traditional evangelical interpretation of it. Calvinisn was ok 400 years ago but in a postmodern era things have changed and so must the Church.

Neo Erasmus

Anonymous said...

In my understanding, Postmodernism does not insist that there is no such thing as truth, a common misunderstanding, rather that our access to the truth is hindered by our culture, tradition and life experience.

What I think postmodernism has added to our conversation is a reminder that in order to access the truth we might need to unpack some of our cultural and traditional baggage in the light of current knowledge, history and our relationship with others.

I think there is a humility in this approach to truth which appeals to me. But of course I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Many of the Emerging Church leaders such as Tony Jones and Brian McLaren have relativised the Bible so much that they can not really come down strong against anything. A case in point is homosexuality. They will not say its practice is ok or not. Mr Mclaren asks fro 5 year moratorium on it. But the New Testament seems to be quite clear about it. It would seem that he picks and choose so he won’t offend anyone. I don’t think he can really call himself an evangelical because of these liberal views which have been taught by liberal theologians for hundreds of years.

Is it not true ( though I could be wrong) that those such as Derrida argue one man's truth may be another man's error but that's OK -except of course if you disagree with him (Derrida).

Dave I think you are too generous regarding your assessment of Postmodernism as many would believe that they can never know the truth.

Neo ERasmus Just because Calvinism is 400 years old does not necessarily mean that it is wrong now.


Anonymous said...

I agree with these men.

Anonymous said...

Brian McLaren has more theological insight than any of these so called theologians. He has caught the mood of disillusioned Christians who are about to give up. These boys in the video are theological dinorsaurs and need to grow up!

disillusioned evangelical

John Fitzsimmons. said...

he may have caught the mood of [moody] christians. But does anyone know who he is outside the church mmmmm

In the midst of an uncertain world people still need the ROCK of the living and abiding Word of God!

Of course church should change... but not for christians who want their own way, or who think the world revolves around their own limited negative experience, but in order to reach lost people with the same truth the apostles reached people with over 2000 years ago.