Wednesday, 26 August 2009

'A Portrait of An Authentic Evangelist as an old(er) man':Micky Walker an American street evangelist living in Dublin

When I go down to Dublin I always like to visit the statue of James Joyce(who was made famous by his novel: 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'),on North Earl Street, off O'Connell street(near the giant spire).It is here I usually see my friend Micky Walker preaching the good news aided by his use of a Sketch Board. Micky has been doing this for many years and many of those who have come to faith in Dublin through his simple message have also learnt the art of 'Sketch board evangelism', and are now part of his ministry of helpers here in Dublin or elsewhere.As regards 'sketch boarding'as an art he describes it as: 'far from good but good from far!'

It is interesting that every time I go down there, there is usually a new 'preacher' on the block and sometimes they are nearly as old as him. This is surely the way that both Jesus and Paul did it,investing their lives in others in order that they in turn could pass on both the message of the gospel and the life of Christ to others.As D.L. Moody once wrote: “I’d rather get ten men to do the job than to do the job of ten men.” Through producing disciples by this method the work is thus multiplied and hopefully no one gets burnt out!

Micky also follows in a long line of evangelists such as George Verwer and Walter Burrell who have led many to Christ who have also become evangelists. Though this interview took place some ten years ago Micky can still be seen at the same street (as witnessed yesterday), preaching that ever ancient but ever new message of God's remedy for a lost humanity! Micky like the authentic prophets of old is not embarrassed to use words such as sin,death and hell-yet he does it with grace, compassion and a winsomeness that draws many 'sin sick souls' to the Master for healing.He is not what some would call a 'hell fire preacher' yet it could always be said of him that he preaches the gospel truth.So if you are down in Dublin, do pay him a visit, and say hello from me.

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