Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Non-Christian religions-Is there any hope for those who are in them? John Stott

Non-Christian religions
What, then, about those ignorant of the gospel? Are we to
say that they are ignorant of God altogether, including
those who adhere to non-Christian religions? No. *We
recognize that all men have some knowledge of God.* This
universal (though partial) knowledge is due to his self-
revelation, what theologians call either *his general
revelation* because it is made to all men, or his 'natural'
revelation because it is made *in nature*, both externally
in the universe and internally in the human conscience.
Such knowledge of God is not saving knowledge, however.
*We deny that this can save*, partly because it is a
revelation of God's power, deity and holiness but not of
his love for sinners or of his plan of salvation, and
partly because men do not live up to the knowledge they

What do you think?


Jonny said...

I am sure as God is a God of love this will mean that God will save everyone in the end. Those of other religions are equally as good as Christians and God should take into accout what they have done.

J.S. said...

To claim that Jesus Christ is unique is not to say that
there is no truth in other religions and ideologies. Of
course there is. For we believe in God's general
revelation and common grace. The Logos of God is still
'the true light' coming into the world and enlightening
every man (Jn. 1:9). All men know something of God's glory
from creation and something of God's law from their own
nature, as Paul argues in Romans 1 and 2. But how does
this argument continue? Not that their knowledge of God
saves them, but the very opposite! It condemns them
because they suppress it. Indeed, 'they are without
excuse, for although they knew God they did not honour him
as God ...'
It is against this dark background of the universal
rebellion, guilt and judgment of mankind that the good news
of Jesus Christ shines with such dazzling beauty. There is
salvation in no other, for there is no other mediator
between God and man but only Jesus Christ who died as a
ransom for sinners (Acts 4:12; 1 Tim. 2:5-6).
Firmly to reject all syncretism in this way and to assert
the uniqueness and finality of Jesus Christ is not
'doctrinal superiority' or imperialism, as it has been
called. Conviction about revealed truth is not arrogance.
Its proper name is 'stewardship', the humble and obedient
stewardship of a church which knows it has been 'put in
trust with the Gospel'.

Jonny said...

For those who don't know about Christ. for those who have never even heard of his name, surely they will not be judged in the same way as those who know the Scriptures and have been taught it-but then rejected it?

Anonymous said...


Hello Andrew:

inter faith group link....sorry for delay


John Fitzsimmons. said...

There will be people from all non-Christian religions in heaven...

"After this I looked, and behold, a great mulitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white." - Rev 7:9

I see great hope for those of Non-Christian religions.

However the great mulitude will only include those who trusted in Christ...

Jonny I see things the opposite to you: Those of other religions are equally as bad as Christian's and need to trust in Jesus and what he has done in order to be saved!

Anonymous said...

Ephesians 4:7 (King James Version)
But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.

To answer you question,no.

Andrew Kenny said...

Hi Altonwoods,could your explain a bit more what you meanby the verse.

altonwoods said...

Gladly! Some men will repent at a sunset or a nighttime sky,others see God's perfection in forms of art and even in His children. We've all been given a "measure of grace" with which to perceive God that no one can say "I didn't know" and be completely truthful on that day when we all must give an accounting. Bless You my friend!

CRL said...

"There will be people from all non-Christian religions in heaven...
However the great mul(t)itude will only include those who trusted in Christ..."

Isn't this a contradiction?

Sabio Lantz said...

@ Jonny: You are a good universalist -- my favorite kind of believer !

@ CRL: Amen

There is no agreement by Christians on different positions on how to look at other faiths (and even non-faiths). And each position: exclusivists, inclusivists, pluralists and universalists quote tons of scriptures and give their rationalizations.

Sabio Lantz said...

See this link for "My Favorite Kind of Christian".

BTW, the reason I am visiting this site is because Andrew dropped a comment on my site "wondering" if I have read William Craig. I just hope I am answering his question.