Monday, 1 March 2010

Finish with yourself : Martyn Lloyd -Jones

My good friend John Fitzsimmons posted this on his blog and after reading it,it reminded me how good a Bible teacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones was. I recommend any of his many books! AK"

The man who is meek is not even sensitive about himself. He is not always watching himself and his own interests. He is not always on the defensive. We all know about this, do we not? Is it not one of the greatest curses in life as a result of the fall--this sensitivity about self? We spend the whole of our lives watching ourselves. But when a man becomes meek he has finished with all that; he no longer worries about himself and what other people say.

To be truly meek means we no longer protect ourselves, because we see there is nothing worth defending. So we are not on the defensive; all that is gone. The man who is truly meek never pities himself, he is never sorry for himself. He never talks to himself and says, 'You are having a hard time, how unkind these people are to not understand you." He never thinks ' How wonderful I really am, if only other people gave me a chance.' Self-pity! What hours and years we waste in this! But the man who has become meek has finished with all that. To be meek, in other words, means that you are finished with yourself altogether, and you come to see you have no rights... at all. You come to realise that nobody can harm you. John Bunyan puts it perfectly. ' He that is down need fear no fall.'

When a man truly sees himself, he knows nobody can say anything about him that is too bad. You need not worry about what men may say or do; you know you deserve it all and more. Once again, therefore, I would define meekness like this. The man who is truly meek is the one who is amazed that God and man can think of him as well as they do and treat him as well as they do. That, it seems to me, is it's essential quality."
Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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John Fitzsimmons. said...

MLJ is one of my top 3. I read a few of his sermons on Eph 3 the other week as part of my sermon prep - Heart warming, life changing stuff that makes you want worship Christ all the more!