Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lessons in evangelism. We can only evangelise right with God's help!

We really do need God's help. This is an important lesson to learn  before we try to witness to anyone. It is true that if we realise that we have not the natural power, not the gift or the boldness to serve God in this area, we are more likely to succeed in the long run. Spurgeon rightly  said ' God has only one worker: the Holy Spirit'. However God does want to use us and wants to work through us. Satan on the other hand wants to stop us from this important work and will do all he can to make us give up declaring: 'I can't do this , I haven't got the gift'. The truth is we can't do it,  but God wants to, and will work through us, if we don't give up and will put our trust in him to help us. We need the Spirit's help here of course, as Jesus himself said: 'When the Holy Spirit comes upon you you will be my witnesses'.We therefore need to look to God for help and ask him to fill us with his Holy Spirit today and every other day. AK

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